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Syncano Unity Library


Syncano's Unity Library is written in C# and provides communication with Syncano via HTTPS RESTful interface. The full source code can be found on Github - feel free to browse or contribute.

Unity QuickStart Guide

To install Syncano Unity Library visit Release page, download latest package and import it from Unity.

Alternative method requires downloading both Syncano.Unity.dll and Newtonsoft.Json.dll files and placing them anywhere under /Assets/ folder. Unity Library dll is available on Release page. The library uses Newtonsoft.Json.dll to process JSON files. The latest version of Newtonsoft Json library can be downloaded from here.

For more detailed information on how to use Syncano and its features - our Developer Manual should be very helpful. In case you need help working with the library - email us at - we're always happy to help!

Happy coding!

Multiplatform support & handling build errors

Syncano Unity Library supports all platforms available in Unity. Note some platforms for instance WebGL may require to add an external link.xml file to /Assets/ folder which is available here. Otherwise you may encounter build errors.


You can find more on using Syncano in our documentation.


Syncano Library tests can be found on a separate branch. This is due to using Unity Test Tools which should be excluded from the build.


We love contributions! Those who want to help us improve our Syncano library -- contribute to code, documentation, adding tests or making any other improvements -- please create a Pull Request with proposed changes.


Syncano's Android library is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.