Designing Airfare calendar using Essential JS2 Scheduler
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Designing Airfare calendar using Essential JS2 Scheduler

This application has been created by making use of the quick start project.

How to run this application?

To run this application, you need to first clone the ej2-schedule-airfarecalendar repository and then navigate to its appropriate path where it has been located in your system.

To do so, open the command prompt and run the below commands one after the other.

git clone airfare
cd airfare


Once done with downloading, next you need to install the necessay packages required to run this application locally. The npm install command will install all the needed JS2 packages into your current project and to do so, run the below command.

npm install


Finally, you can now use the below npm script to run the web application.

npm start

As this application is configured with browser-sync, therefore it will serve the web application directly in your default browser.