A PHP PEAR wrapper library for the AMEE REST API.
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A PHP PEAR wrapper library for the AMEE REST API.


AMEE makes it easy to develop applications to measure and track environmental
impacts, enabling companies, governments and consumers calculate their carbon
footprint and model energy consumption.

AMEE supports the data and algorithms provided for the greenhouse gas emissions
calculations required to support the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the
Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and other initiatives.

AMEE finds, verifies, and makes accessible the best carbon-related data in the
world: that is, emissions factors and the algorithms for using them. The AMEE
REST API then allows you to access and embed best-practice carbon models into
carbon accounting systems, carbon calculators, and many other applications.

About the library

Version:   1.3.0

 - Please see the RELEASE.txt file for details of releases.

Copyright: 2010-2011 AMEE UK Limited

License:   MIT

 - Please see http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.html for the full
   details of the MIT license.

Supports:  AMEE REST API v2

Download:  http://github.com/AMEE/amee-lib-php/downloads

Source:    http://github.com/AMEE/amee-lib-php


 - PHP 5.2.0+
 - Core PHP packages:
  - Network
  - JSON


  This library supports the use of OpenSSL to encypher AMEE REST API username
  and password details, if the PHP OpenSSL package is installed and enabled. If
  the PHP OpenSSL package is not installed and enabled, then all username and
  password details will be sent "in the clear".


  At present there is no caching support of GET request data. This may be added
  in a future version.

  At present there is no support for advanced time-period based reporting on
  AMEE API Profile Item data. This may be added in a future version.

Installing the library

Please see the INSTALL.txt file.

Using the library

To use the AMEE REST API PEAR library:

1. Install the library by following the install instructions above.

2. Include the three main required files in your code:

    require_once 'Services/AMEE/DataItem.php';
    require_once 'Services/AMEE/Profile.php';
    require_once 'Services/AMEE/ProfileItem.php';

3. Create three definitions, for the AMEE REST API host name, your AMEE API
   key, and your AMEE API password. For example:

    define('AMEE_API_URL',              'stage.amee.com');
    define('AMEE_API_PROJECT_KEY',      'your_api_key');
    define('AMEE_API_PROJECT_PASSWORD', 'your_api_password');

   More details on defining the above constants and other configuration options
   available can be found in the examples/exampleConfig.php file.

4. Create AMEE API Profiles and AMEE API Profile Items & use them as required.

Please see the examples/EXAMPLES.txt file for details of code examples that will
help you to understand and use the AMEE REST API PEAR library.