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CKEditor 4 - The best browser-based WYSIWYG editor

Development Code

This repository contains the development version of CKEditor.

Attention: The code in this repository should be used locally and for development purposes only. We don't recommend distributing it on remote websites because the user experience will be very limited. For that purpose, you should build it (see below) or use an official release instead, available on the CKEditor website.

Code Installation

There is no special installation procedure to install the development code. Simply clone it on any local directory and you're set.

Available Branches

This repository contains the following branches:

  • master: development of the upcoming minor release.
  • major: development of the upcoming major release.
  • stable: latest stable release tag point (non-beta).
  • latest: latest release tag point (including betas).
  • release/A.B.x (e.g. 4.0.x, 4.1.x): release freeze, tests and tagging. Hotfixing.

Note that both master and major are under heavy development. Their code didn't pass the release testing phase so it may be unstable.

Additionally, all releases will have their relative tags in this form: 4.0, 4.0.1, etc.


The samples/ folder contains a good set of examples that can be used to test your installation. It can also be a precious resource for learning some aspects of the CKEditor JavaScript API and its integration on web pages.

Code Structure

The development code contains the following main elements:

  • Main coding folders:
    • core/: the core API of CKEditor. Alone, it does nothing, but it provides the entire JavaScript API that makes the magic happen.
    • plugins/: contains most of the plugins maintained by the CKEditor core team.
    • skin/: contains the official default skin of CKEditor.
    • dev/: contains "developer tools".
    • tests/: contains CKEditor tests suite.

Building a Release

A release optimized version of the development code can be easily created locally. The dev/builder/ script can be used for that purpose:

> ./dev/builder/

A "release ready" working copy of your development code will be built in the new dev/builder/release/ folder. An internet connection is necessary to run the builder, for its first time at least.

Testing Environment

Read more how to set up the environment and execute tests in the CKEditor Testing Environment guide.


Licensed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL licenses, at your choice.

For full details about license, please check the file.


The development repository of CKEditor.




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