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  1. Harmony Core is a framework that consists of libraries, CodeGen templates, and conventions that enable you to expose Synergy logic and data as a RESTful web service using OData and ASP.NET Core

    C# 14 10

  2. CodeGen Public

    CodeGen is a tool that Synergy/DE developers can use to generate source code and other types of content based on the meta-data stored in a Synergy Repository.

    Smarty 11 6

  3. An example of how to implement the replication a Synergy applications ISAM data to a relational database in near-to-real-time.

    Smarty 3 2

  4. A platform-independent API that facilitates the easy creation of PDF files from applications written in Synergy DBL.

    Shell 2

  5. Forked from esv4/synergyvsc

    Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio Code

    TypeScript 2 2



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