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@SteveIves SteveIves released this Jul 3, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

CodeGen Release Notes

  • We added support for custom interface, method and parameter loop expansion and expression tokens.
  • We added a new method parameter loop expression token <IF DATEORTIME>.
  • We added new method loop expression tokens <IF IN>, <IF INOUT>, <IF IN_OR_INOUT>, <IF OUT>, <IF OUT_OR_INOUT>, <IF RETURNS_DATA> and <IF VOID_SUBROUTINE>.
  • We added a new parameter loop expansion tokens <PARAMETER_NUMBER> and <PARAMETER_SAMPLE_DATA>.
  • We added new parameter loop expression tokens <IF MORE_IN_OR_INOUT> and <IF MORE_OUT_OR_INOUT>.
  • We added a new custom method loop expansion token <HARMONYCORE_BRIDGE_RETURN_TYPE> and a new custom parameter loop expansion token <HARMONYCORE_BRIDGE_PARAMETER_TYPE> to the Harmony Core extensions assembly.
  • We altered the mechanism by which we ensure that the <FIELD_SQLNAME> token produces unique field names when the underlying field names differ only by the position of underscore characters. We previously appended one or more $ characters to the end of resulting duplicate field names. We now append "2", "3", "4" and so on to the end of duplicate names.
  • We enhanced debug logging to display a list of all defined values that were set via the -define command line option.
  • When using the CodeGen API programatically we changed the CodeGenTaskSet.SaveToFile() and CodeGenTaskSet.LoadFromFile() methods to save to and load from a JSON formatted file instead of the previous XML formatted file. We believe that the only impact of this change will be if you are using the CodeGen API (instead of the CodeGen command line interface) to generate your code, and we are not aware of anyone doing that. If you are impacted by this change please contact Synergex for assistance.
  • We added a new command line option -save which causes CodeGen to save the configuration options used to generate code to a JSON formatted code generation instructions file.
  • We added a new command line option -input which allows a previously saved code generation instructions file re-executed in order to repeat the same code generation process that was previously used.
  • We added a new optional utility application named the Harmony Core Generator utility. This desktop application is only installed if the optional Harmony Core Extensions are selected during installation, and can be used to simplify the code generation process when developing RESTful web services with the Harmony Core framework.
  • When processing xfServerPlus method catalog export files via the -smc command line option we added a check for old (pre V8.3) method catalog export files which don't contain values for the now required "routine name" property for each method. If you encounter an old method catalog export file it can be converted to the latest format by importing and exporting using the Method Definition Utility.
  • There were no Symphony Framework CodeGen Extensions changes in this release.
  • This version of CodeGen was built with Synergy/DE 11.0.2 and requires a minimum of version 10.1.1 to operate.
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