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AI squad in Unity
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AI Squad


A user-directed AI squad created in Unity for my third year of university as part of the Advanced Technologies module.


Squad members were designed to work autonomously or as part of a squad, with or without orders. They will engage in combat with sighted enemy units, whilst managing their own cover and ammunition. The player can also give them tasks to perform, such as breaching open doors or disarming bombs. Orders can be given to individual units, or given to groups to form squads.

Different formations will be used depending on the squad size. When following the player, a plus (+) will be formed for maximum coverage. Two units will both be looking forward, but will alternate their corner checking. Three units will have the third man watching the rear.

Simple enemy AI has also been implemented. Enemies will use cover and react to sounds from gunshots or bullet impacts. They won't take cover as quickly, only choosing to use cover once injured or if they are against multiple targets. When not in combat, they will roam around the map at random, although they seem to often get stuck against the edge walls.

Development videos


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