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Hypermedia oriented Resource Api Layer
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Core Hyral core
Core + JsonApi Hyral core + JsonApi
Vue + VueJS Hyral Vue + VueJS

Hyral (Hypermedia Resource oriented Api Layer) is an advanced, ORM-like, easy to use abstraction layer over your API('s).


  • Framework agnostic
  • Backend agnostic
  • ORM-like interface and features
  • Hypermedia oriented
  • Support for multiple backends with 1 interface
  • Full test-coverage
  • Modern codebase with immutability, state management and promises

Additional features

Getting started


npm install @hyral/core

// JSON-API support
npm install @hyral/json-api

// Vue(x) integration
npm install @hyral/vue

Quick start

Quick start guide


More in-depth documentation can be found:

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