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@Syntaf Syntaf released this Oct 8, 2014 · 15 commits to mGL_sync since this release

change log:


  • Particles will not automatically be centered to the screen during reset and program initialization


  • Particle count can now be specified during start-up via command line arguments, but still cannot be modified during runtime. To run the program with a set amount of particle use ./ParticleSimulator 1000000
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@Syntaf Syntaf released this Sep 12, 2014 · 16 commits to mGL_sync since this release

Pretty decent update coming through, change log:


  • Fixed mouse pointer coordinates not properly transitioning to screen edge
  • Default particle color changed


  • Revamed help commands(once again)
  • New commands
    • color_rand
    • colors
    • help vars
  • cleaned up look of console
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@Syntaf Syntaf released this Sep 11, 2014 · 20 commits to mGL_sync since this release

Quick additions today that don't necessarily constitute a new release, but look's much better!

Change Log:


  • New background color, solid and smooth black!
  • New console text, actually looks like a console now!
  • Help command reworked
    • Now supports specific help for each command for more detailed information
    • Cleaned up and provides clearer explanations
  • Color manipulation
    • Support for modifying Red, Green, Blue and Alpha values in particles
    • Changes are made real time

Other than that just some code refactoring. Enjoy!

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@Syntaf Syntaf released this Sep 10, 2014 · 25 commits to mGL_sync since this release

Change log:

  • Console commands parsed faster and improved
  • Additional commands added, see 'help' in console to see what's new
    • ParticlesCount variable can now be modified using command line args before starting
    • Additional error checking for invalid commands
  • Particle count modification change( again )
  • Console output all ported to new console, including internal errors
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@Syntaf Syntaf released this Aug 12, 2014 · 32 commits to mGL_sync since this release

First official release of the particle simulator! here are a number of changes


  • Console
    • the user now has the ability to modify variables and values in real time to experience how the particles react under certain conditions.
    • Errors and output now appear in the new console, all text is centralized to the new console
  • Resolution increased
  • Users can now exit the program via esc or exit, where previously esc sometimes didn't work


  • experimental OpenCL support added, massive performance increase(not included in this release)
  • TGUI added to improve performance of console
  • Framerate drastically improved, 1,000,000 particles will run at a constant 40+ fps
  • Entire code base restructured, significant performance increase in loading time and responsiveness
  • Loop optimizations in code, increased performance


  • Particle count set to 200,000 for smooth flow with users
  • Particle life removed, particles now stay indefinitely
  • Certain program constants are no longer constant:
    • Mass of particle is now modifiable in runtime with set mass <>
    • Drag is now modifiable in runtime with set drag <>
    • Mouseforce is now modifiable in runtime with set mouseforce <>
    • Particlecount is under development and will be modifiable soon
  • Particle color rules changed to brighten the spectrum available to particles
  • Slight background color modification
  • Number of bugs relating to crashing fixed

**Among other changes I can't remember yet

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@Syntaf Syntaf released this Jul 9, 2014 · 99 commits to mGL_sync since this release

The newest release of the particle simulator!

  • All new and improved CMake build system
  • Experimental OpenCL support, thanks to finominis
  • Blending now uses GL_ONE, creating more ranges of colors
  • Fixed bug stopped events from being handled, not allowing users to quit
  • Optimizations
  • Disabled depth testing, properly making alpha channels transparent
  • Drag increased by 1.5x
  • Particle count increased
  • Window size increased but keeps 1.33 ratio
  • Red Clamping value increased to turn red at a lower speed
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@Syntaf Syntaf released this Jun 22, 2014 · 135 commits to mGL_sync since this release

A very early release of the particle simulator, mainly released for playing around with as the project can be a pain setting up.

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