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DatabaseConstructor is a web-based platform for collaborative database construction, aiming particularly at enhancing data gathering by hand for empirical research, and is still under heavy development. It emerges from the Germany, Inc. project at Freie Universität Empirical Legal Studies Center (FUELS) in Berlin. The user interface is German-only at the moment.


System Requirements:

  • Apache HTTPD server
    • PHP ≥ 7.0 installed
    • mod_rewrite enabled
    • Configured to interpret .htaccess files
  • MySQL/MariaDB server (tested with MySQL 5.7.17, MariaDB 10.1.48, 10.4.8)

Download a package package from the releases page on GitHub or make a build (see below). Move the files on the web server. Rename tmp/config.default.php to tmp/config.php and adjust the settings to your environment. Then call <base URL>/migrate/?key=<key> using the migration key in your configuration file to perform a database scheme migration. To sign in for the first time, use "admin" as username and password. Change the credentials afterwards.

To update your installation, delete all files except for (!) the tmp directory and move the files of the new build on the server. Then perform a database scheme migration as described before.


To make a build, make sure to have installed Composer globally (version 2.2.X, as Composer requires PHP ≥ 7.2.5 from version 2.3 onwards (see here), and we need support back to PHP 7.0), as well as the Node.js Package Manager (NPM) and the grunt-cli package (npm install -g grunt-cli). First, clone the repository. To build a specific version, check out the corresponding tag (git checkout <tag name>). Then run composer install and npm install to load dependencies, followed by npm run-script build or grunt to make a build. The dist directory will contain all build files.

git clone dbc
cd dbc
composer install
npm install
npm run-script build

Add the following for preparing a release:

mv dist dbc
zip -r dbc

When making changes to the codebase, you need to run grunt again every time you make a change. Use grunt watch to make Grunt apply changes continously by watching the file system for updated files.


Feel free to report issues or suggest changes using the Issue Tracker or open a Pull Request right away.


This project is made available under the conditions of the MIT License (see LICENSE file). The repository contains parts of the Inter typeface, licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1, parts of the Primer design system, licensed under the MIT License, and the "cubes" icon from Font Awesome 5, licensed as CC BY 4.0. Builds contain Parsedown, licensed under the MIT License, and Bootstrap Icons, licensed under the MIT License.