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// SYCompositor.h
// SYCompositor
// Created by Sam Soffes on 9/15/11.
// Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Synthetic. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
// Blending mode
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorModeKey;
// Rect - only draw in part of the frame
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorRectKey;
// Draw an image
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorImageKey;
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorImageNameKey;
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorImagePathKey;
// Draw a color
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorColorKey;
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorColorHexKey;
// Set the alpha of what is drawn
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorAlphaKey;
// Masking
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorMaskImageKey;
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorMaskImageNameKey;
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorMaskImagePathKey;
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorPersistentMaskKey;
// Draw a gradient
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorGradientKey; // `radial` or `linear`
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorGradientColorsKey;
extern NSString *const kSYCompositorGradientColorsHexesKey;
@class SYCache;
@class UIImage;
@interface SYCompositor : NSObject
+ (UIImage *)imageWithKey:(NSString *)key;
+ (UIImage *)imageWithLayers:(NSArray *)layers size:(CGSize)size key:(NSString *)key;
+ (NSString *)pathForImageWithKey:(NSString *)key;
+ (SYCache *)cache;
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