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Simple paging scroll view to make complicated tasks easier. We use this in several of the Synthetic apps including Hipstamatic, D-Series, and IncrediBooth.

Adding to Your Project

  1. Add SYPaginator as a submodule by running the following command from the root of your project

     $ git submodule add Vendor/SYPaginator

    You can also just download the code and put it in your project too.

  2. Drag the SYPaginator project into your project.

  3. Add libSYPaginator.a and SYPaginatorResources.bundle as Build Dependencies to your target

  4. Drag SYPaginatorResources.bundle from the file browser sidebar into the Copy Bundle Resources build phase.

  5. Add #import <SYPaginator/SYPaginator.h> where ever you'd like to use SYPaginator.

Example App

There is an example app included with SYPaginator. Check it out for basic usage.