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Crypto backed synthetic asset platform


  1. synthetix synthetix Public

    Synthetix Solidity smart contracts

    JavaScript 1.2k 595

  2. synpress synpress Public

    Synpress is e2e testing framework based on and playwright with support for metamask.

    JavaScript 558 174

  3. synthetix-v3 synthetix-v3 Public

    TypeScript 108 51

  4. SIPs SIPs Public

    The Synthetix Improvement Proposal repository

    Jupyter Notebook 100 212

  5. js-monorepo js-monorepo Public

    Standard JS conventions and utilities for working with Synthetix

    TypeScript 33 43

  6. staking staking Public archive

    A dAPP for minting, burning, and earning on the Synthetix Protocol.

    TypeScript 81 73


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