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Allow fee period to be closed by any address
Nocturnalsheet (@nocturnalsheet)

Simple Summary

This SIP proposes to allow SNX weekly fee period to be closed by any wallet address


Currently only authorised wallet address is able to send the close fee period transaction to the fee pool contract and this auto bot closing has failed twice already in the last 2 weeks


Weekly close of fee period gives all minters their weekly SNX and sUSD rewards so it is highly important that the close is done on time as we have seen in the last 2 fee period close, minters become more uneasy in discord when they don't see their rewards awarded at the regular snapshot timing. Getting paid on time as a minter is apparently quite a big thing for minters, myself included.


Allowed address to close fee period - Any Fee Period Close is true: Minimum 168 hours (7 days) lapse from last close


By allowing any wallet address to close the fee period, we can expect the fee period can be closed without much delay in almost any situations, even in network congestion where any minter can manually pay for high gas fee to close the fee period

Test Cases

Not required at this stage


Not required at this stage


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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