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(To submit a proposal, fork the snx-grants-dao repo and copy this file to use it as a template. DO NOT edit this file directly — if you do, your proposal will not be merged)

Title of proposal:

Please add a title for your proposal. Also, ensure the filename is short, descriptive, lower-case, and uses dashes (-) in place of spaces.


Add a short summary of what you are proposing to do to contribute to the Synthetix ecosystem.


The purpose of these grants is to enable people outside the core team to contribute to the project. Please outline why your proposal represents a contribution, i.e. what difference it can make to Synthetix.

Additional information:

Here you can add further relevant information for your proposal, including technical specs or functionality.

Previous work:

Please add links to previous work or relevant profile pages.

Estimated hours:


  • x hours planning
  • x hours building

Total: 2x hours

Price (SNX):


  • y SNX (y/2x SNX per hour)

Ethereum Address:

  • Please add an eligible Ethereum wallet address you'd like the funds sent to.
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