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Synthetix Translations module! Internationalization inside the Synthetix dApp ecosystem
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This repo has been deprecated.

From now, future translations will be made into the dApp repos directly. Please visit or


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Internationalization repository for Synthetix dApps.

Translator Instructions

  1. Fork this repo using the fork button on the top right ^^^.
  2. Create language folder using your language code
  3. Copy the /en/translation.json e.g. synthetix-mintr/en/translation.json
  4. Rename it into your langage folder {APP_NAME}/{LANG-CODE}/translation.json e.g. synthetix-mintr/es/translation.json
  5. Translate English to your language
  6. Submit PR back to this repo

Before submitting a translation, please make sure to respect the following repository architecture: {APP_NAME}/{LANG-CODE}/translation.json Where {APP_NAME} is the DAPP repo name i.e. synthetix-mintr, synthetix-exchange {LANG-CODE} is the language code for your language to translate.



Please make sure to use the latest version of the english (en) file as a reference before starting the translation.

translation.json follows a simple key:value format which has to be respected in order to be published.

	"home": {
		"intro": {
			"title": "What would you like to do?",
			"subtitle": "Click any button below to view more info, confirm or change the amount before submitting."

With the example above, a new translation should look like:

	"home": {
		"intro": {
			"title": "YOUR_TRANSLATION",
			"subtitle": "YOUR_TRANSLATION"

To be merged and published to the synthetix-translations node package, a translation will have to cover every key:value.

For developers

extractLanguages.js is a node script which looks for every translation file in the dApp folders specified at the top of the file and concats them into a translations.json file at the root of the project.

To generate a new build use the command npm run build.

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