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file: PurgeableSynth.sol
version: 1.0
author: Justin J. Moses
date: 2019-05-22
Purgeable synths are a subclass of Synth that allows the owner
to exchange all holders of the Synth back into sUSD.
In order to reduce gas load on the system, and to repurpose older synths
no longer used, purge allows the owner to
These are used only for frozen or deprecated synths, and the total supply is
hard-coded to
pragma solidity 0.4.25;
import "./SafeDecimalMath.sol";
import "./ExchangeRates.sol";
import "./Synth.sol";
contract PurgeableSynth is Synth {
using SafeDecimalMath for uint;
// The maximum allowed amount of tokenSupply in equivalent sUSD value for this synth to permit purging
uint public maxSupplyToPurgeInUSD = 10000 * SafeDecimalMath.unit(); // 10,000
// Track exchange rates so we can determine if supply in USD is below threshpld at purge time
ExchangeRates public exchangeRates;
/* ========== CONSTRUCTOR ========== */
constructor(address _proxy, TokenState _tokenState, Synthetix _synthetix, IFeePool _feePool,
string _tokenName, string _tokenSymbol, address _owner, bytes4 _currencyKey, ExchangeRates _exchangeRates
Synth(_proxy, _tokenState, _synthetix, _feePool, _tokenName, _tokenSymbol, _owner, _currencyKey)
exchangeRates = _exchangeRates;
/* ========== MUTATIVE FUNCTIONS ========== */
* @notice Function that allows owner to exchange any number of holders back to sUSD (for frozen or deprecated synths)
* @param addresses The list of holders to purge
function purge(address[] addresses)
uint maxSupplyToPurge = exchangeRates.effectiveValue("sUSD", maxSupplyToPurgeInUSD, currencyKey);
// Only allow purge when total supply is lte the max or the rate is frozen in ExchangeRates
totalSupply <= maxSupplyToPurge || exchangeRates.rateIsFrozen(currencyKey),
"Cannot purge as total supply is above threshold and rate is not frozen."
for (uint8 i = 0; i < addresses.length; i++) {
address holder = addresses[i];
uint amountHeld = balanceOf(holder);
if (amountHeld > 0) {
synthetix.synthInitiatedExchange(holder, currencyKey, amountHeld, "sUSD", holder);
emitPurged(holder, amountHeld);
/* ========== SETTERS ========== */
function setExchangeRates(ExchangeRates _exchangeRates)
exchangeRates = _exchangeRates;
/* ========== EVENTS ========== */
event Purged(address indexed account, uint value);
bytes32 constant PURGED_SIG = keccak256("Purged(address,uint256)");
function emitPurged(address account, uint value) internal {
proxy._emit(abi.encode(value), 2, PURGED_SIG, bytes32(account), 0, 0);
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