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Export Sheet Data

Export Sheet Data is an add-on for Google Sheets that allows sheets to be exported as JSON or XML.


Convenient: Export Sheet Data is meant to be simple to use but very powerful. No more exporting multiple CSVs then compiling data.

Customizable: Options and formats can be tweaked to reflect personal taste. Default or stringified values for JSON. Attributes or child elements for XML. Format your data the way you want.


Install link

Export Sheet Data is available on the Google Workspace Marketplace.

NOTE: There is a known bug when using add-ons while multiple accounts are signed in. If you run into a situation where the ESD sidebar doesn't seem to load, visit the troubleshooting page for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see answers to frequently asked questions about ESD here.


Documentation index page

The best way to figure out how to use Export Sheet Data is by opening the sidebar, reading the tooltips of various options and experimenting with the output using the Visualize option.

For detailed documentation on each option, take a look at the documentation.

If you want to create more advanced data structures, make sure to read the Wiki page about Nested Elements.


If you ever experience an issue or have difficulty using ESD, you can look at the toubleshooting page for help. This page contains solutions for common issues you may encounter, especially for the more complex features of ESD. If you notice anything the troubleshooting page does not cover, feel free to make a new issue to help improve ESD!

Development Status

Export Sheet Data supports a wide variety of features. Currently, this includes:


  • Forcing all data to string values
  • Exporting individual cells as JSON arrays
  • Exporting a sheet's contents as an array of JSON objects
  • Creating complex data structures via Nested Elements


  • Exporting columns as attributes, child elements, or inner text of a row
  • Automatic formatting of XML illegal characters like &, <, and >
  • Exporting booleans as integers
  • XML comments and declaration support
  • XML namespaces


  • Visualize data before exporting
  • Exporting specific sheets
  • Unwrapping or collapsing a sheet's data for easier access after exporting
  • Minifying exported data to produce smaller files


If you would like to add a feature to Export Sheet Data, be sure to read the wiki page on contributing. Also, take a look at the notes on project structure and check out the currently open issues.

Supporting ESD

If you use ESD and want to help ensure its continued development, consider supporting ESD via GitHub Sponsors! While ESD will remain free for everyone to use, supporting development with a few dollars a month will go a long way to helping me create examples, develop new features, and fix existing bugs.


Developed by Chris Ingerson with help from the community.


Export Sheet Data is licensed under the MIT License, see LICENSE for more information.


Add-on for Google Sheets that allows sheets to be exported as JSON or XML.




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