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JSyphon - a Java Native Interface for Syphon. It has been tested with JOGL via Processing, and LWJGL.

Getting Started:

  • After cloning the repository, use git submodule update --init to pull in the Syphon-Framework and Shared repos

  • Update the Syphon-Framework and Shaded submodules:

cd Syphon-Framework/
git pull origin master
cd ../Shared/
git pull origin master
cd ..
git add Syphon-Framework
git add Shared
git commit -m "Updated Syphon submodules"
  • Change into the JSyphon subfolder:

cd JSyphon

  • Build jsyphon.jar, by running ant dist inside the ant folder:
cd ant
ant dist
cd ..

The resulting jsyphon.jar file will be placed inside the jar folder.

  • Generate the headers changing into the native_src folder and running the script script:
cd native_src
cd ..
  • Open the JSyphon XCode project inside native_src, and build it. This will generate a debug version of the library, which will print several messages at runtime. You need to archive it to create a release version without debug mesages.

You can also build/archive the project from the command line (it requires the Command Line Tools Package, see here for more info) with the following line for building:

xcodebuild -scheme libJSyphon build -project native_src/JSyphon.xcodeproj

and this other one for archiving:

xcodebuild -scheme libJSyphon archive -project native_src/JSyphon.xcodeproj

The build step (either from the IDE or the command line) will generate two files: the Syphon framework binary, named simply "Syphon", and the JSyphon JNI library, named "libJSyphon.jnilib". They will be placed inside the "native_libs" folder, where you can then load it in Java using System.load or System.loadLibrary depending on your path setups. We suggest System.loadLibrary.

  • To experiment with the JSyphon examples, we provide an Eclipse project which you can import into your workspace, and experiment with "" and "".


Initial JSyphon implementation by Skye Book and Anton Marini.

Finishing up implementation of JSyphonClient, server listing, ClientTest example by Andres Colubri.