Syphon Implementation for Processing
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Syphon library for Processing 2.0 and up. Note that latest revision on master is compatible with 3.0 only. Use the v2 branch for the last version compatible with 2.0.

Getting Started:

  • Clone the repository with git clone --recurse-submodules in order to pull in the Java repo.

  • You can also pull in the Java repo after cloning the repository with git submodule update --init.

  • In order to update the Java sumbodule with the latest upstream changes and then commit the update, you would do:

cd java/
git pull origin master
cd ..
git add java
git commit java -m "Updated java submodule"
git push
  • Set the appropriate paths in the resources/ file.

  • Build the Processing library:

cd resources

The library package should be created inside the distribution folder, and it should also be installed in the sketchbook folder


  1. Syphon Framework implemented by Tom Butterworth and Anton Marini:

  2. Processing Library Template: