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Hi, just wanted to note that the documentation (eg, could use a brief list of features that differ between the node.js version of jade and the one that this module supports.

In particular, one small thing that surprised me initially was that the jade #{interpolate} syntax isn't translated by pyjade into the native syntax in its target template language (in my case, I'm using the Jinja2 extension so the native syntax is {{interpolate}}).

I also have no idea whether the node.js include and extends features are supported. Since that sort of thing is so template-engine dependent, I'm assuming not, but it would be nice if the README specified clearly one way or another.

Ultimately this stuff isn't very difficult to find out, but updating the docs to reflect the state of the code would be helpful people using this package. (Also, thanks, I like pyjade.)


Oh, I just noticed that extends and block are supported, at least in Jinja2. A little list would be still be nice though, and something pointing what to use instead of the #{} syntax.

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@syrusakbary Fixed #6
Updated for notify interpolation is not directly supported
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