Example Java project demonstrating the use of GSON and 0MQ in a gradle build environment
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VS2017 Actor

A very simple Java program demonstrating the usage of the 0MQ library (publish/subscribe pattern) and how to use the GSON library to serialize and deserialize Java objects into JSON.

Gradle is used as the build tool.

Installing Gradle

The easiest way to install Gradle is using sdkman.

Installing the example program

Just download or clone the repository. cd into the directory and create the fatjar containing all the required classes including GSON and 0MQ.

gradle shadowJar

Start the publisher

java -jar ./build/libs/vs2017-actor-seed-1.0-shadow.jar pub tcp://localhost:5432

and finally the subscriber

java -jar ./build/libs/vs2017-actor-seed-1.0-shadow.jar sub tcp://localhost:5432

The subscriber should print only even number

Tags: even
Message: {"header":{"sender":"me"},"body":{"number":"494216","even":"true"}}
Number received was 494216
Tags: even
Message: {"header":{"sender":"me"},"body":{"number":"494218","even":"true"}}
Number received was 494218