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Contributor License Agreement

Thank you for contributing to COMPUTER NETWORKS: A SYSTEMS APPROACH (the “Work”). This Agreement between you (the “You”) and Elsevier Inc. regarding your Contribution to the Work (the “Contribution”) outlines our respective obligations and rights.

A. You grant to the Publisher a non-exclusive publishing and distribution license in the Contribution in print, electronic and all other media (whether now known or later developed), in any form, in all languages, throughout the world, for the full term of copyright, and the right to license others to do the same, effective when the Contribution is accepted for publication. This license includes the right to enforce the rights granted hereunder against third parties.

You understand that You have: (i) the same rights to reuse the Contribution as those allowed to third party users of the Contribution under the CC-BY License, as well as (ii) the right to use or re-use portions or excerpts or the Work in other works, for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The CC BY license allows users to copy, to create extracts, abstracts and new works from the Contribution, to alter and revise the Contribution and to make commercial use of the Contribution (including reuse and/or resale of the Contribution by commercial entities), provided the user gives appropriate credit (with a link to the formal publication through the relevant DOI), provides a link to the license, indicates if changes were made and the licensor is not represented as endorsing the use made of the work. The full details of the license are available at

B. You confirm that the Contribution is original to You, except for any third-party material that is either in the public domain or for which appropriate permission has been obtained, and You have the right to grant to the Publisher the rights described above; You confirm that the Contribution does not contain any material that infringes any third party rights or is harmful to the user.

C. Should any materials in the Contribution be the work of others, said materials must be properly credited, and the Contributor agrees to obtain and pay for any necessary grant of permission for use of others’ materials.

D. You will disclose in writing to the Publisher all actual and potential competing interests, both financial and non-financial, if any in relation to the Contribution.

E. The Contributor authorizes use by the Publisher and its applicable affiliates, licensees and service providers worldwide of the Contributor’s name, image, likeness, voice, biography, and professional affiliations (at the Publisher’s discretion) for purposes of advertising, promoting and publicizing the Work and all updates and derivatives thereof and the Contributor’s contact details, including postal and email addresses, for purposes of communicating with the Contributor about the Work and writing, reviewing, researching or contributing to other relevant projects with the Publisher.

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New York (“the Governing State”), without regard to conflict of law principles, and the parties irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Governing State.