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class << ActiveRecord::Base
def has_ancestry options = {}
# Check options
raise"Options for has_ancestry must be in a hash.") unless options.is_a? Hash
options.each do |key, value|
unless [:ancestry_column, :orphan_strategy, :cache_depth, :depth_cache_column].include? key
raise"Unknown option for has_ancestry: #{key.inspect} => #{value.inspect}.")
# Include instance methods
include Ancestry::InstanceMethods
# Include dynamic class methods
extend Ancestry::ClassMethods
# Create ancestry column accessor and set to option or default
cattr_accessor :ancestry_column
self.ancestry_column = options[:ancestry_column] || :ancestry
# Create orphan strategy accessor and set to option or default (writer comes from DynamicClassMethods)
cattr_reader :orphan_strategy
self.orphan_strategy = options[:orphan_strategy] || :destroy
# Save self as base class (for STI)
cattr_accessor :base_class
self.base_class = self
# Validate format of ancestry column value
validates_format_of ancestry_column, :with => Ancestry::ANCESTRY_PATTERN, :allow_nil => true
# Validate that the ancestor ids don't include own id
validate :ancestry_exclude_self
# Named scopes
scope :roots, ->(){ where(ancestry_column => nil) }
scope :ancestors_of, ->(object){ where(to_node(object).ancestor_conditions) }
scope :children_of, ->(object){ where(to_node(object).child_conditions) }
scope :descendants_of, ->(object){ where(to_node(object).descendant_conditions) }
scope :subtree_of, ->(object){ where(to_node(object).subtree_conditions) }
scope :siblings_of, ->(object){ where(to_node(object).sibling_conditions) }
scope :ordered_by_ancestry, ->(){ reorder("(case when #{table_name}.#{ancestry_column} is null then 0 else 1 end), #{table_name}.#{ancestry_column}") }
scope :ordered_by_ancestry_and, ->(order){ reorder("(case when #{table_name}.#{ancestry_column} is null then 0 else 1 end), #{table_name}.#{ancestry_column}, #{order}") }
# Update descendants with new ancestry before save
before_save :update_descendants_with_new_ancestry
# Apply orphan strategy before destroy
before_destroy :apply_orphan_strategy
# Create ancestry column accessor and set to option or default
if options[:cache_depth]
# Create accessor for column name and set to option or default
self.cattr_accessor :depth_cache_column
self.depth_cache_column = options[:depth_cache_column] || :ancestry_depth
# Cache depth in depth cache column before save
before_validation :cache_depth
# Validate depth column
validates_numericality_of depth_cache_column, :greater_than_or_equal_to => 0, :only_integer => true, :allow_nil => false
# Create named scopes for depth
{:before_depth => '<', :to_depth => '<=', :at_depth => '=', :from_depth => '>=', :after_depth => '>'}.each do |scope_name, operator|
scope scope_name, lambda { |depth|
raise"Named scope '#{scope_name}' is only available when depth caching is enabled.") unless options[:cache_depth]
{:conditions => ["#{depth_cache_column} #{operator} ?", depth]}
# Alias has_ancestry with acts_as_tree, if it's available.
if !defined?(ActsAsTree)
alias_method :acts_as_tree, :has_ancestry
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