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In MineDeeper, you control a driller-robot who is on an unknown planet, trying to find some alien artifacts. You have to dig to collect resources that you can sell to gain money. With that money, you can buy fuel, upgrades or you can repair your robot. If you run out of fuel or life, your robot explodes and you have to restart a new game.


Sytten - Main Developer

Vantuan - Main Graphist


You can get the lastest build version (for windows only for now) here: You can also build build your own version if you want, you just have to download the source (don`t forget to link SFML and SFGUI). The only problem if it's not in windows his the ressource file for the icon. I'll try to do a more portable way in the futur.


MineDeeper is a school projet and is totally open-source. I personnaly need your help to improve my projet and my "code style" in general. For information, The game is in c++ and use SFML and SFGUI. Don't hesitate to give me suggestions or bug reports on github or on the forum developpez if you speak french (