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Custom installation of the VirAmp AMI

Access, in a Web browser.

Select 'My Account/Console' on the top right if you already have an account; otherwise sign up with a new account.

Go to the 'AWS Management Console' option, click the 'EC2' at upper left.

Before importing the AMI, make sure you are in the correct Availability zone. Amazon EC2 is hosted in multiple locations world-wide with multiple Availability zones, and resources cannot be replicated across regions until specified. Our AMI is stored in region "US East(N. Virginia)". Check the upper right corner next to your account name, and make sure it's set at the correct region. If not, just click and select the correct one from the dropdown menu.

Next, click the blue 'Launch Instance' button.

Step-1: Choosing the instance

Click the Community AMIs tab at mid-left and simply search "Szpara_Viramp"


Step-2: Review Instance type

Due to storage and computational requirements, free tier instances are not usable with our AMI. For trial runs it is possible to choose smaller instance types, but for serious usage it is advised to select at least the m3.large (third option)


Step-3: Launch the Instance


Step-4: Create Key-pairs


You have now successfully launched your own version of the instance. For information on logging in and starting your instance, please go to :ref:`VirAmp instance login <viramp_login_ref>`

Log in to the new instance

Instructions and an overview of the basic steps and parameters you need to login to the instance are provided at the console.


Hit the "Connect" button to view information you need to login to the backend of the system.


Start your terminal and type the following command:

chmod 400 myPemName.pem

Connect to your instance using your public IP:

ssh -i myPemName.pem ubuntu@public_IP

Change to the galaxy directory:

cd /mnt/galaxy/galaxy-dist/

Change viramp settings:

vi universe_wsgi.ini

Line 596: admin_users = should be changed to reflect the current administrators email address Line 662: ftp_upload_site = should be changed from to your public ip address

Start the viramp server:

screen ./ CTRL-a-d