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A Home Computer Emulator for iPad.

Almost Like the Real Thing.


Ready is an open source emulator for the following 8 bit home computers:

With preliminary support for these computers:

It is based on atari800, fuse, Vice, and x16-emulator, which provide accurate emulation of many hardware variants and peripherals.

It requires at least iPadOS 13.5.

It aims to approximate the feeling of using actual hardware:

  • Rather than configuring abstract settings, you select hardware components.
  • The software keyboard is a facsimile of the original, reflecting the different existing styles.
  • Even the noise of the disk drive is emulated.

The Library section offers a way to organize a large collection of games, demos and programs. The emulated hardware can be customized for each entry.

The Inbox provides a place to quickly try new programs. You can easily move the ones you want to keep to the library.

Tools mode allows attaching a cartridge like Action Replay or Final Cartridge and a collection of disks with your favorite tools, to help you dig into the programs, like back in the day.


The beginnings of a User Manual can be found in the wiki. Any help on expanding it would be greatly appreciated.


Visit the website for screenshots.

You can join us on Discord.

The authors can be contacted at


Since emulators where users can add their own programs are not allowed in the App Store, you will have to install it yourself. You will need Xcode and a developer certificate.

You can build it from source yourself. Ready has no external dependencies.

Or you can use iOS App Signer to install a pre-built binary release (.ipa file).