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Showcase 2018-19

Click here to open the projects:


List of projects


The projects in this repository are for demonstration purposes only. All copyrights and trademarks belong to their rightful owner. If there is any problem with any demo just leave a short message.

Many thanks to my student Elias Lexl for the creation of this site. Additional thanks go to Rene Buchmayr and Alexander Melem for providing the first solutions of how to run the GIT-repository Web GL games directly in the browser.

@students: After uploading your project to the projects-folder update the projects.json. (Maybe uploading a Development build with WebGL is a problem)

projects.json properties

        "title": "project title",
        "folder": "name of the folder",
        "author": "my name",
        "year": "folder name of the year",
        "info": "info about your project",
        "status": "0"


Project title


Name of your project folder


Author(s) of the project


Name of the year (must be the same as the year folder directly in the projects folder)


(optional) e.g. your project works in specific versions of a browser


status description
-1 not working
 0 partly working 
 1 completley working

Create new repository (@AlfredDoppler)

Just copy the index.html, app.json and projects.json to the new repository. There create a new folder called projects with subfolders named by year (e.g. 2017_SS) and update the app.json with the new values.

That´s it :)

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