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A WakaTime plugin for Unity.



Existing solutions didn't work for me (https://github.com/josec89/wakatime-unity is obsolete and https://github.com/bengsfort/WakaTime-Unity requires Python), so I decided to implement my own variant.

The code has been successfuly tested with following Unity versions:

  • 2017.4.0f1
  • 2018.1.0b13
  • 2018.1.2f1

Known issues

  • Getting 'UnityEditor.EditorApplication.hierarchyWindowChanged' is obsolete: Use 'EditorApplication.hierarchyChanged' warning on Unity 2018.x

Installation using the Unity Package Manager (Unity 2018.1+)

The Unity Package Manager (UPM) is a new method to manage external packages. It keeps package contents separate from your main project files.

  1. Copy the folder com.vladfaust.unitywakatime into your project's Packages folder (not visible in the "Projects" tab)
  2. Modify your project's Packages/manifest.json file to add the line:
    "com.vladfaust.unitywakatime": "file:com.vladfaust.unitywakatime"
    Make sure it's still a valid JSON file. For example:
        "dependencies": {
            "com.unity.ads": "2.0.8",
            "com.vladfaust.unitywakatime": "file:com.vladfaust.unitywakatime"

Installation (all other Unity versions)

If not using the Unity Package Manager, copying the files locally also work.

  1. Copy the Editor folder from inside com.vladfaust.unitywakatime into your project Assets


  1. Run the Unity editor, go to Window/WakaTime, and insert your API key (grab one from https://wakatime.com/settings/account)
  2. Press Save Preferences
  3. Check if "Unity" editor appears at https://wakatime.com/api/v1/users/current/user_agents (may be a bit delayed)
  4. Enjoy!


The plugin will automatically send heartbeats to WakaTime after following events:

  • DidReloadScripts
  • EditorApplication.playModeStateChanged
  • EditorApplication.contextualPropertyMenu
  • EditorApplication.hierarchyWindowChanged
  • EditorSceneManager.sceneSaved
  • EditorSceneManager.sceneOpened
  • EditorSceneManager.sceneClosing
  • EditorSceneManager.newSceneCreated

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