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Hawk Documentation and "How to" videos

Hawk + Github

Who can contribute:

Everyone is welcome to contribute to this tool. The goal of the Hawk tool is to be a community lead tool and provides security support professionals with the tools they need to quickly and easily gather data from O365 and Azure.

What Hawk is and isn't

Hawk provides Limited analysis of the gathered data. This is by design! Hawk is here to help get all of the data in a single place it is not designed to make any significant conclusions about this data. This is intentional since it is impossible for the tool to know enough about your environment or what you are concerned about to make a legitimate analysis of the data.

Hawk's goal is to quickly get you the data that is needed to come to a conclusion; not to make the conclusion for you. We've structured the exported data in a manner of which can help analysts quickly triage known malicious Indicators Of Compromise (IOC) but again is NOT an all exhaustive list.

How can I contribute:

Please post any issues you find to the Issue section. Those issues will be incorporated into your future capability implementation.

If something is critical or I seem to have not done anything in some time please feel free to send an email to the Hawk support alias


Powershell Based tool for gathering information related to O365 intrusions and potential Breaches


The Hawk module has been designed to ease the burden on O365 administrators who are performing a forensic analysis in their organization.

It does NOT take the place of a human reviewing the data generated and is simply here to make data gathering easier.


Hawk is divided into two primary forms of cmdlets; user based Cmdlets and tenant based cmdlets.

User based cmdlets take the form Verb-HawkUser. They all expect a -user switch and will retrieve information specific to the user that is specified. Tenant based cmdlets take the form Verb-HawkTenant. They don't need any switches and will return information about the whole tenant.

A good starting place is the Start-HawkTenantInvestigation this will run all the tenant based cmdlets and provide a collection of data to start with. Once this data has been reviewed if there are specific user(s) that more information should be gathered on Start-HawkUserInvestigation will gather all the User specific information for a single user.

All Hawk cmdlets include help that provides an overview of the data they gather and a listing of all possible output files. Run Get-Help -full to see the full help output for a given Hawk cmdlet.

Some of the Hawk cmdlets will flag results that should be further reviewed. These will appear in _Investigate files. These are NOT indicative of unwanted activity but are simply things that should reviewed.


Hawk is NOT an official MICROSOFT tool. Therefore use of the tool is covered exclusively by the license associated with this github repository.