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WARNING!!! this is not workable yet, hopfully soon.

Contractor Plugins

These plugins give subcontractor the ability to do things. Which plugins depend on network access, network permissions, and design coderations. For example, the network that has access to the IPMI's of the baremetal servers probably does not also have access to vCenter. So a instance in the vCenter network would have the vcenter plugin and iputils (for ping/socket tests of the installed vms) and another instance in the out of band managment network would have the IPMI and iputils (for ping testing the IPMI interfaces). This way network segmentation can be maintained. Each instance will need HTTP(s) which can be proxied back to contractor.


after installing the python source, you will need to enable the plugins you would like to use in the django for contractor.

In the INSTALLED_APPS section, add the desired plugins you would like to use after 'contractor.SubContractor'

for example:


That is is how your INSTALLED_APPS should look with the Manual and VirtualBox plugins installed.

After that you need to run the django migrate app to create the database tables for thoes enabled plugins:

cd /usr/local/contractor/utils
./manage migrate

NOTE: if migrate has not been run for contractor it's self yet, that will also create the database for contractor. For help configuring contractor for database access see the contractor README


Manual (Foundation)

This foundation type is for servers that do not have an out of band power controll system, such as IPMI or DRAC, or you do not want to have contractor automatically powering on/off your target server. Each time contractor needs to know the power state or to have the server powered on/off, it will prompt the user on the jobs page for the server to be powered on and off, and then the user must resume the job when the prompted actions are done.

VirtualBox (Foundation)

This foundation type is for creating vms in VirtualBox (by Oracle). The python virtual box bindings will need to be installed (for ubuntu/debian the bindings are included in the virtualbox package)


Utilities for various IP related tasks, suchas iputils.wait_for_port and