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an Arch Linux based router project (very early WIP)
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   ...Arch Linux based routing made easy

This repo is primarily hosted on Please go there to raise issues or contribute.


...because why the heck not? No, in all seriousness. I was looking for a more powerful router that could cope with PPPoE, VLANs, lots of Gbit/s in a mixed copper, fiber and InfiniBand network and massive expandability, because I like to hack around with stuff...

Needless to say, I did not really find something that flipped me on.

At first I looked at VyOS/Vyatta (the same stuff Ubiquitis Edge OS is built ontop of), but I soon realized, that it was not as extensible as I hoped.

Introducing fleetfoot!

I really like Arch Linux for its very up2date system and ecosystem, so I went that route, but instead of building ontop of netctl I choose to adapt systemd-networkd so that this might be ported to other OSs should someone want to.

Also everybody wants to say "I run an Arch Linux server!" :) Here you can over-deliver and say "I run an Arch Linux router!". Even better IMO


  • 20% cooler than all other routers
  • Boots in 10 seconds flat! *
    • * on an Intel Core i5-6500T + UEFI fast-boot on a ASRock B150M Pro4V
    • Powered by systemd-boot
  • Routing (duh!)
  • DHCP
    • Static leases
    • Range per bridge
  • DNS
    • To come: DNS-over-TLS/DNS-over-HTTPS via local proxy behind dnsmasq
    • DNSSEC foo
  • fiber!
  • InfiniBand (soon!)
  • PPPoE
    • With hooks!
    • Port forwarding with hairpinning
    • Drop unsolicited packets by default
    • mss-clamping, so your clients will not be screwed by the path-MTU
  • VLANs - Everything is a bridge
    • Except PPPoE and maybe VPNs...
    • Attach any interface to any VLAN or multiple at once!
  • Expandability up the bazoo
    • It's based on Arch Linux after all

How to try it?

Bad news... I do not have a proper guide to install it right now. The easiest way is, to install Arch, python and openssh onto a box, configure your inventory.yml and let Ansible to the rest.

Speaking of which, I also do not have a proper sample inventory.yml, yet. This is because I will re-do the Ansible stuff as a tiny golang daemon doing all the dirty work, an also listen on the hooks to make it a much more streamlined experience.

This (or more like the initial parts of it) can be found in the fleetfootd directory.

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