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  1. react-leaflet-google-v2 react-leaflet-google-v2 Public

    Forked from Charmatzis/react-leaflet-google

    GoogleMaps layer as React component for Leaflet

    JavaScript 3 10

  2. react-leaflet-bing-v2 react-leaflet-bing-v2 Public

    Forked from Charmatzis/react-leaflet-bing

    Bing layer as React component for Leaflet

    JavaScript 2 11

  3. Poles-on-Earth Poles-on-Earth Public

    Poles on Earth is an AI web service that provides positions of utility poles everywhere on Earth using satellite imagery


  4. react-leaflet-geosearch react-leaflet-geosearch Public

    React Leaflet geosearching/geocoding control

    JavaScript 2 6

  5. gdal-rasterio-docker gdal-rasterio-docker Public

    GDAL with Rasterio Docker images

    Dockerfile 2

  6. postgis-raster-aws-elevation-tiles postgis-raster-aws-elevation-tiles Public

    A PoC using PostGIS Raster extension with AWS open dataset elevation tiles

    Java 2


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