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@TAC109 TAC109 released this Aug 10, 2019 · 17 commits to edge since this release

  1. The command line parameter /mpress has been changed to /compress. (/mpress is still accepted, though.)
  2. Directive parameters can reference the various 'A_' built-in variables as listed under the #Include directive.
  3. In addition the new 'A_WorkFileName' variable contains the temporary name of the processed .exe file.
  4. The new 'A_PriorLine' variable contains the source code line immediately preceding the current compiler directive.
  5. The value returned from variables can be manipulated using regex code.
  6. The new 'Let' directive enables the creation of special 'U_' variables.
  7. Other new directives are 'SetLanguage', 'Set', 'UpdateManifest', and 'Debug'.

See the updated documentation in the .zip for more information.
Also included in the .zip are 2 demonstration script groups which show how the directives can be used.

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