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This is the README file for the 



  Victor Eijkhout
The pylauncher is a python-based parametric job launcher, that is, a
utility for executing many small jobs in parallel.  On many
batch-based cluster computers this is a better strategy than
submitting many small individual small jobs.


The latest version of the pylauncher is always available from the 

The only required sources for running are and 
(if the latter is already installed on your system you don't even need that.)

Documentation and Examples

The `examples' directory contains a number of python programs that
illustrate the use of the pylauncher. The `docs' directory
contains pdf and html documentation, as well as
a powerpoint.


If you are a TACC or XSEDE user, please submit a ticket in the
respective ticket system. Otherwise, feel free to mail me. Put
"pylauncher" somewhere in the subject line.
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