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behavioral AI for TAEB
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Installing dependencies

This AI is packaged using Dist::Zilla.

You should be able to install this module's dependencies by running the following commands:

dzil authordeps --missing | cpanm
dzil listdeps --missing | cpanm

Configuring TAEB for Behavioral

Adjust your configuration to use a specific Personality AI in ~/.taeb/config.yml:

ai: Behavioral::Personality::Explorer

Running TAEB with Behavioral

Instruct TAEB to load TAEB::AI::Behavioral's Perl code at launch time like so:

perl -Ilib -I/path/to/TAEB-AI-Behavioral/lib taeb

You can specify a relative directory to -I, so if you have TAEB and TAEB-AI-Behavioral in the same parent directory, use this:

perl -Ilib -I../TAEB-AI-Behavioral/lib taeb
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