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Magus is a TAEB AI that plays Wizards the way I do.

He can:

  • altar camp for Magicbane
  • effectively use an entire wand of wishing, starting with charging
  • polypile spellbooks and read them
  • tactically use rings of regeneration, conflict, invisibility, etc.
  • identify items using scroll and spell, and other tricks (like applying oil)
  • use all manner of spell, scroll, ring, and wand
  • write scrolls with a marker
  • blank useless potions, scrolls, and spellbooks
  • abuse bounce trajectories for magic missile, etc.
  • destroy Oracle statues for potential spellbooks
  • practice spells for #enhance
  • make holy water and bless/uncurse beneficial items using it
  • drop items on altars to BUC ID them