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Yet Another Boilerplate App showing off react-navigation and the excellent new tools from Apollo
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Yet Another Boilerplate App created with Expo v31, react-navigation v3, themed with styled-components, Apollo Client+GraphQL, and a smidge of Redux for demo purposes absolutely zero Redux, the global state is also getting managed by Apollo Client.

Mega updated for 2019! Now more organized and 1000% less fugly: design skills were on my list of things to improve on in 2018 :P

View for yourself on Expo

About this demo

Send questions, requests, etc. as Issues

Roadmap (no particular order)

  • TypeScript / ts-lint / jest [WIP]
  • Data visualization
  • Restore custom tab bar + search demo
  • Dual drawers (add custom on RHS)
  • Separate drawer items per tab
  • Functioning login / sign up
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