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A Supervisord manager in node.js. Nodervisor provides a real-time web dashboard for processes running under supervisord across multiple hosts. You can stop and start individual processes, restart all the processes on a host, view logs for a process in real-time, and put a dashboard up for a quick overall summary of your services.


  • Node.js
  • Supervisord
  • NPM


  1. Clone the git repository into a folder and run:

    npm install

  2. Update the config.js file with your database connection details.

How to use it

Run the app using:

npm start
  1. After the app has started, navigate to the machine in a browser on port 3000. For instance: http://localhost:3000

  2. Log in using the default credentials of:

    • Email: admin@nodervisor
    • Password: admin
  1. Navigate to the users page using the top menu. Change the admin credentials or add a new user and remove them.

  2. Navigate to the hosts page using the top menu. Then add a host running supervisord using the form. Your supervisord config on each host should be set up to allow the xmlrpc interface over a inet port. For instance:

    [inet_http_server] port = *:9009 ;

At this point, navigating back to the home page should show you a list of your hosts, and the processes running on them.


List of hosts with summary Dashboard view with groups View logs directly