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cc_automated_drf_template uses Cookiecutter and a custom script to automatically populate a Django REST project given a Just provide your and cc_automated_drf_template will write your views, serializers, urls, and admin files for you.


  • Django REST Framework integration
  • Support for multiple apps
  • JWT authentication
  • Fully populated,,,


Install Cookiecutter:

$ pip install cookiecutter

Give names for your directory, project, and app when prompted by Cookiecutter:

$ cookiecutter
dir_name [test-project]:
project_name [project]:
app_name [base_app]:

Modify your file in your app. Then navigate to where and are located and run:

$ python

The script will install all requirements and automatically apply migrations.

That's it! You now have automatically-templated views, serializers, urls, and admin files based on your models. To check it all out, run the server. Don't forget to activate your virtualenv! You may also want to createsuperuser so that you can log in to the admin interface.

$ . venv/bin/activate
$ python createsuperuser
$ python runserver

Note on virtual environments:

If you have already set up/activated a virtual environment, make sure to use the --disable_venv flag. Otherwise, a virtualenv will be created for you.

Multiple app support

Some Django projects have multiple apps in addition to the base application. If you want to similarly generate files for these apps, you may run the script again using the --app_name flag, like this:

(venv) $ python --app_name another_app --disable_venv

Since I am already in a venv, I also used --disabe-venv.

Note on file changes:

If you have modified views, serializers, urls, or admin files before running the script or are unsure of the changes made after running it, make sure to git add -p to add or ignore changes that will be staged in the next commit.

What's next?

If you are looking to add a front end, check out CICADA, which will automatically template an AngularJS frontend that will plug in to the backend you just created.


This software is licensed under BSD-3-Clause


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