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This is a special branch of a fork of the Play! Framework with fixes that haven’t been merged upstream yet. The following fixes
are included:

- Support for composite keys in JPA
- Show stack traces in test output
- Bug fix for test stack traces
- Bug fix for
- Made test-runner menu fixed at the top (for easier scrolling)
- Made user TypeBinders higher priority than the default ones (so they can be overridden)
- Added possibility to reset the Mail.Mock (so each test can start with a fresh mock)
- Display worker count on startup
- Display warning when workers are exhausted and jobs are pooled

Since this branch intends to be kept in sync with upstream, it will frequently be rebased so if you intend to pull from it,
be warned that history will be rewritten.

Welcome to Play framework

Play framework makes it easier to build Web applications with Java. It is a clean alternative to bloated Enterprise Java stacks. It focuses on developer productivity and targets RESTful architectures. Play is a perfect companion to agile software development.

Learn more on the website.

Getting started

1. Install the latest version of Play framework and unzip it anywhere you want:

unzip -d /opt/play-1.1

2. Add the play script to your PATH:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/play-1.1

3. Create a new Play application:

play new /opt/myFirstApp

4. Run the created application:

play run /opt/myFirstApp

5. Go to localhost:9000/ and you’ll see the welcome page.

6. Start developing your new application:

Get the source

Fork the project source code on Github:

git clone git://

The project history is pretty big. You can pull only a shallow clone by specifying the number of commits you want with —depth:

 git clone git:// --depth 10

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs on our lighthouse tracker.


Play framework is distributed under Apache 2 licence.

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