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I fixed a bug in SharpDSP having to do with creating Walsh filters, in filter_designer.cs. Others, please review! (I think it was Roger Rehr?) This release will work with Metis/Mercury/Penelope/PennyLane and Hermes. It still supports USB, but Ethernet works much better, frankly.
Added ability to write the FullSpectrum 16 bit 4k samples stream to disk, for the purpose of capturing the spectrum from 0 to 60 MHz during the upcoming solar eclipse..
I intend to get back into developing in KISS Konsole. First, I'll add support for Angelia, and thus the Anan 100 series and such. THen, if I can get a DLE8000 or an Orion Mk II board, I'd like to add support for that, as well.
Then there is this Protocol 2 that Phil VK6PH has been working on. I'll certainly need to do something about that, as well.

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