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Welcome to the Tapor Coding Tools github. The project is led by Geoffrey Rockwell and Milena Radzikowska and housed at the University of Alberta. Support for this project came from Compute Canada Calcul: Westgrid the Canadian Institute for Research Computing in the Arts, University of Alberta, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council and the Canada Foundation for Innovation. We remember Stéfan Sinclair whose left us too soon.

This gituhb is directly assoicated with TAPoR (

With TAPoR 3.0 you can:

Discover text manipulation, analysis, and visualization tools
Discover historic tools
Read tool reviews and recommendations
Learn about papers, articles and other sources about specific tools
Tag, comment, rate, and review collaboratively
Browse lists of related tools in order to discover tools more easily

The TAPoR 3.0 redesign aimed to:

Improve tool discovery interface
Improve engagement with text analysis tools
Focus on the discovery and social use of text analysis tools
Better communicate information about text analysis tools
Provide an Application Programming Interface to other services
Gather and reflect data about tool usage use

TAPoR Redesign We have recently redesigned TAPoR in order to integrate the DiRT (Digital Research Tools) Directory. The integration was managed by Kaitlyn Grant with help from Quinn Dombrowski and programming by Omar Rodriquez-Arenas.

TaDiRAH Taxonomy

With the integration of DiRT Directory, TAPoR has made use of the TaDiRAH Goals & Methods tags, to better cateogrize the tools.

Click here to see TaDiRAH Taxonomy's Goals & Methods explained. For more information about TaDiRAH Taxonomy, visit

Interface design by Milena Radzikowska. Others who have contributed significantly include Kirsten Uszkalo, James Chartrand (and Open Sky Solutions), Omar Rodriquez-Arenas, Kamal Ranaweera, Mark McKellar, Amy Dyrbye, Kaitlyn Grant, Holly H. Pickering, Chaolan Wu, Jingwei Wang, Kynan Ly, Antony Owino, Jason Bradshaw, Jinman Zhang, Robert Budac, Quinn Dombrowski, Shawn Day, and Lisa Goddard.


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