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Releases: TASEmulators/vba-rerecording

VBA-Rerecording 480-LRC4

27 Sep 13:18
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  • Fixed gui.register() for Lua scripts. Now its regidtru can be called when paused.
  • Added vba.registerloaded() and vba.registersaved() for Lua.
  • Fixed the bug that the Lua console may be hidden with the ESCAPE key.
  • Fixed possible crash when opening a GB movie.
  • For now only one Lua script window is allowed to be open.
  • Fixed RAM Watch/Search reopening multiple windows.
  • Increased default columns widths in RAM Watch.
  • Saves and loads the Movie Edit Mode in the INI file.
  • Allows choice to defer prompt when the Lua script runs for too long.
  • With no config file, the main window will positioned near the center of the desktop.

VBA-Rerecording 480-LRC3 hotfixed

05 Mar 15:12
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Changes from the old svn480 versions:

  • Some cheat-related vulnerabilities are fixed.
  • Some other problems like loading a Lua script would push a new video frame to AVI dump is also fixed.
  • The video frame rate is set to ~59.7275 fps. Old vbm movies should still synch with these if they synch with previous revisions.
  • AVI also dumps at ~59.7275 fps.
  • Caveat: audio is still being emitted and dumped at wrong sampling rate. Therefore, in order to dump the correctly lengthed AVI file, one still has to dump the video with "altAviRecordMethod=1" set in vba.ini, then the audio, and finally combine them together with audio streched according to the length of the video (which is correct on its own).