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GPU: Another significant performance improvement to GPU compositing i…

…n many games.

- Now composites pixels using explicit functions for simple copy,
masked copy, and masked effect.
- On SSE2 systems, pixels composited using a simple copy no longer
require the destination pixels to be loaded first, since all the pixels
are guaranteed to be overwritten anyways.
- Try and move the window test as far up the pipeline as possible so
that pixel rendering can bail as soon as possible if the window test
- Clean up and further standardize the code for compositing BG layers,
OBJ layers, and 3D layers.
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rogerman committed Jul 21, 2017
1 parent 80a4c3f commit 624dd5788cc43e723d9c620ccc8bbeef8effb497
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  1. +465 −285 desmume/src/GPU.cpp
  2. +11 −6 desmume/src/GPU.h
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