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winport - change mic sequence loading to use _0 as a signal, and fix …

…bug in paths with . earlier in the name before the extension
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zeromus committed Mar 19, 2019
1 parent be2735b commit f0737b679f3894b3d7be5ac521bd519dbbfcad44
Showing with 10 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +10 −6 desmume/src/frontend/windows/mic-win.cpp
@@ -243,22 +243,26 @@ bool LoadSamples(const char *name)
//if we're disabling the mic samples system, just bail now
if (!name || !*name) return true;

//analyze the filename for 0 at the end. anything with 0 at the end is assumed to be the beginning of a series of files
//analyze the filename for _0 at the end. anything with _0 at the end is assumed to be the beginning of a series of files
//(and if not, it can still be loaded just fine)
const char* ext = strchr(name,'.');
const char* ext = strrchr(name,'.');

//in case the filename had no extension... it's an error.
if(!ext) return false;

const char* maybe0 = ext-1;
const char* maybe_0 = ext-2;

//in case this was an absurdly short filename
return LoadSample(name);

//if it was not a 0, just load it
if(*maybe0 != '0')
//if it was not a _0, just load it
return LoadSample(name);

//otherwise replace it with increasing numbers and load all those
std::string prefix = name;
prefix.resize(maybe_0-name+1); //take care to keep the _

//if found, it's a wildcard. load all those samples
//this is limited to 254 entries in order to prevent some surprises, because I was stupid and used a byte for the MicSampleSelection.

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