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AWS Polly Text to Voice PHP Library
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AWS Polly Text-To-Speech PHP Library

Convert written text into natural-sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices.
This package use AWS Polly service.

Using the Library


Intall library in PHP project using composer

composer require tbetool/aws-polly

Using Library

After installing the library, create WatsonTts object

$polly = new AwsPolly(

AWS key, secret can be obtained by creating IAM user in AWS console. For more detail follow Creating IAM for Polly.

Setting output path

Set absolute path of the directory where to save the output. You don't need to provide a file name as it will be auto generated.

$path = '/aboslute/path/to/directory';


NOTE: You can also pass output path with textToVoice() which will override this path

Convert Text to Speech

Pass text to convert to speech.

$file = $polly->textToVoice(
    'Hello World',

$params should be array and can have following content.

$param = [
    'language' => 'en-US',
    'voice' => 'Justin',
    'output_path' => '/absolute/file/path'

This will return the absolute path of the file created if text to speech conversion is successful, otherwise will throw Exception.

Exception handling

Every function throws an Exception in case of any error/issue. Bind the code block within try-catch block to catch any exception occurred.


try {
    $polly->textToVoice('Hello world');
} catch (Exception $exception) {
    echo $exception->getMessage();

Other callable methods

Get supported languages

default: en-US

Get supported voices

default: Ivy

Supported language and voice list

list of supported language and voice strings

Country language voice gender
Danish da-DK Mads male
Naja female
Dutch nl-NL Ruben male
Lotte female
English (Australian) en-AU Russell male
Nicole female
English (British) en-GB Brian male
Amy female
Emma female
English (Indian) en-IN Aditi female
Raveena female
English (US) en-US Joey male
Justin male
Matthew male
Ivy female
Joanna female
Kendra female
Kimberly female
Salli female
English (Welsh) en-GB-WLS Geraint male
French fr-FR Mathieu male
Celine female
Lea female
French (Canadian) fr-CA Chantal female
German de-DE Hans male
Marlene female
Vicki female
Hindi hi-IN Aditi female
Icelandic is-IS Karl male
Dora female
Italian it-IT Giorgio male
Carla female
Japanese ja-JP Takumi male
Mizuki female
Korean ko-KR Seoyeon female
Norwegian nb-NO Liv female
Polish pl-PL Jacek male
Jan male
Ewa female
Maja female
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt-BR Ricardo male
Vitoria female
Portuguese (European) pt-PT Cristiano male
Ines female
Romanian ro-RO Carmen female
Russian ru-RU Maxim male
Tatyana female
Spanish (European) en-ES Enrique male
Conchita female
Spanish (Latin American) es-US Miguel male
Penelope female
Swedish sv-SE Astrid female
Turkish tr-TR Filiz female
Welsh cy-GB Gwyneth female

Bug Reporting

If you found any bug, create an issue.

Support and Contribution

Something is missing?

  • Fork the repositroy
  • Make your contribution
  • make a pull request
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