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php class for random and secure password generation
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php class for random and secure password generation


composer require tbetool/php-password-generator


Create object

use TBETool\PasswordGenerator;

$passwordGenerator = new PasswordGenerator();

You can optionally pass following parameters to constructor

use TBETool\PasswordGenerator;

$passwordGenerator = new PasswordGenerator($length, $count, $characters);

Parameter Details

$length (int) : Length of the password to generate, Default: 8
$count (int) : No of passwords to generate, Default: 1
$characters (string): Characters to use while password generation

Supported Characters

  1. lower_case
  2. upper_case
  3. numbers
  4. special_symbols

Example with parameter

use TBETool\PasswordGenerator;

$passwordGenerator = new PasswordGenerator(16, 5, 'lower_case,numbers,special_symbols');

Set Parameters after creating object

Parameters set during object creation will be overwritten.

# Set lenght of password to 16
# params: (int) length

# Set number of passwords to generate
# params: (int) count

# Set characters to use in password
# params: (string) characters

Generate Password

This will return single password from all passwords generated

@return string of password
$password = $passwordGenerator->generate();

Get All Generated Passwords

@return array of passwords
$passwords = $passwordGenerator->getPasswords();

Get new password from generated passwords

@return string of new password
$password = $passwordGenerator->getPassword();

Get last accessed password

@return string of last password retrieved
$password = $passwordGenerator->getLastPassword();


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