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PHP Library to download Facebook and Youtube videos
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PHP Library: Facebook-Youtube downloader

PHP Library to download Facebook and Youtube videos.

Using the Library


  1. FFMPEG: Media editing library
  2. youtube-dl: command line library to download videos


Intall library in PHP project using composer

composer require tbetool/php-fb-youtube-download

Using Library

$downloader = new Downloader(FFMPEG_PATH, YOUTUBE-DL_PATH);

Setting output path

Set absolute path of the directory where to save the output. You don't need to provide a file name as it will be auto generated.

$path = '/aboslute/path/to/directory';


Download video


You can pass Facebook or Youtube video url to the download() function.
If video is downloaded successfully, this will return the path of the local video saved, otherwise will throw an exception.

Exception handling

Every function throws an Exception in case of any error/issue. Bind the code block within try-catch block to catch any exception occurred.


try {
} catch (Exception $exception) {
    echo $exception->getMessage();

Bug Reporting

If you found any bug, create an issue.

Support and Contribution

Something is missing?

  • Fork the repositroy
  • Make your contribution
  • make a pull request
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