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This is the repository where all source code, information and documentation for creating, deploying and using the TheyBuyForYou knowledge graph (KG) are found. The repository contains the following modules:

  • Ontology model file that defines the schema for the TBFY knowledge graph:
  • Data that must be loaded into the TBFY knowledge graph:
  • Python scripts and RML mappings for the data ingestion pipeline (onboarding data to the knowledge graph):
  • Docker scripts for deploying the TBFY knowledge graph:
  • Dockerfile for creating the knowledge graph ingestion service Docker image:
  • Slurm scripts for running jobs (e.g., Python scripts to ingest and publish data):


  • OCDS ontology for procurement data. This ontology is being developed in the TBFY project as part of the work on the main TBFY ontology.
  • euBusinessGraph ontology for company data. This ontology is being developed in the euBusinessGraph project and used by the TBFY ontology, which in addition to representing procurement data also aims to define links between procurement data and companies.